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- We form hot lava inside ourselves and send it to the man with the power of imagination.

Chur, I’m on the one in the suit, ”the tenacious Mermaid said quickly

- Excellent. So start, - the mother waved her hand, as they wave "To the start" on a dispute active races.

The sisters turned to the card table with the princes, closed their eyes and froze. As I understand it,

the process has begun.

Thanks, no more bids. Seven, red, I announced to myself.

I twirled the empty ball and looked suspiciously at the sisters, doubting not only the effectiveness of the seduction technique, but also their mental health. This went on for three more spins. The ball flew around the drum, fell, flew, fell ... without meaning, happiness and money. Ai-Petri ignored my pleading glances, as he was busy playing poker as an old man.



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